Just wondering, I make heavy use of XMDocument and XMLNodeList etc, and thinking of migrating a desktop app to a simplieifed iOS, but I can’t see any mention of XML handling in the iOS docs? Is that available or further down the pipe?


XML is not available with iOS at the moment. However, JSON is available so maybe you can convert the XML to JSON to use it in iOS?

Thanks for the answer. I have no control over what the server(s) return as part of the query other than well formed XML. All I could see for JSON in the docs was an exception handler. Did I miss something?

Yes. The two methods for dealing with JSON are on the Data page: Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON and Xojo.Data.ParseJSON.

To see how it is used, take a look at the XojoNotes example project which uses JSON to save the notes data.

I appreciate the response, I found them as per your link. I use JSON as part of the desktop app to store configs and stuff so I’m good with that. If I decide to do it now, I need to manually parse the XML which for what I need is not as scary as it sounds :slight_smile:

Probably some fiddling time when all is quiet in the house!