XML stucture

Hi everyone
I’v read pretty much about XML, but all i’v seen is data repeat structure ex.:
book: author: title: year:
author: title: year:
author: title: year:
( not structure like this but repetitively author: title: year:)
My question is can i use only one level like
root… then put over 1000 items and no one in repeat
ex: book

<Book> <page1>txtblablabla</page1> <page2>txtblablabla</page2> <page3>txtblablabla</page3> <page4>txtblablabla</page4> ..to page 1000 </Book>
Again… i’m questionning just because all XML example are about data redundancy
My apps will generate a XML from text tab delimited from excel
To desktop layout software whos take xml for array input

You can. That would make writing a validating parser/DTD a bit difficult and make it harder to deal with in code. Probably the more correct XML way to do that would be:

  <page number="1">text blah blah blah</page>
  <page number="2">text blah blah blah</page>
  <page number="4059403">really big book</page>

Thus, when creating you just set the attribute number. You don’t have to create dynamic tag names. Also when parsing, you can parse into an object (if desired) and your object can mimic the XML directly (i.e. Page.Content = "text blah...", Page.Number = 10).

Thanks Jeremy
All data are come from text input file… even tag name
The app will only build structure around to make a valid XML
my part is to detect where a table start with the chapter title…
write each entry and its own tag name…
then detect the end with double ( return )… and close the chapter tag
all chapter tag will be unique, as all entry inside each chapter
Yes the excel must be well format before