XML project irregularities

While updating Arbed for 2015r4 and 2016r1, I noticed a few strange effects with the XML format vs. Binary format:

  1. The constraints get written in reverse order to the XML, but do not get reversed again while reading the XML back into the IDE. Apart from that being a bit annoying since I cannot so easily validate that Arbed’s output is correct, I wonder if the reversed order has also implications for the project at Runtime, and therefore should be considered a bug?

  2. The binary format contains a new “visi” entry which isn’t represented in the XML format. I hope it has no meaning and can be ignored.

  1. order is not important

  2. not seeing this but the description you gave is vague. where are you seeing ‘visi’ that is not mirrored in the xml ?

The visi appears only with iOS projects, it seems. Under each iOSContainer -> PropertyVal. There, in the binary format, it has not only the name, type and value but also the visi entry. Appears to be a Boolean that’s usually true but false for AccessibilityLabel and AccessibilityHint. Does that help to pinpoint it?

Not really
A report + sample would be appreciated
I’m right in the middle of something else so cant drop it to peek

Done: <https://xojo.com/issue/43288>
Not urgent at all, though. Just a heads-up in case it’s not intended.