XML Project File Corrupt

I just downloaded and started using 3.2. I created a new web project and starting adding some objects including rectangles, text pictures, etc. I saved the project in XML format and opened the XML file to add a Google font to a web style. I reopened the project in Xojo and realized I had made a mistake in the font name so I closed the project in XOJO and opened it in BBEdit to make my correction. When I opened it I noticed a lot of strange looking hex values in almost all of the objects. When I try to reopen the project in Xojo it simply loads an empty project. Here is an example of one of the objects after this happened:

WebRectangle RBWebControl Header_Rectangle 0.0 False False True False False 0.0 31 30 30 30 30 True True False True False False True False 313030 393030 3230 3230 0 WebRectangle 2D32313437343833363438 Rectangle1 1 0

Look at Height, Width, Top, Left. They are all crazy values.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, although usually only on lines with characters past the US-ASCII range. It means that the value you are seeing is not a number, but a string encoded by the hex-values of its bytes. (In XML, everything is eventually a string.) So <PropertyVal Name="Width"><Hex bytes="3">393030</Hex></PropertyVal> is actually U+0039, U+0030, U+0030–otherwise put, “900”
Similarly, interpreting the bytes for the value of Index yields “-2147483648”–the lowest (most negative) value an Int32 can take. I would assume that’s how Xojo represents that the control is not part of a control array.

Thats Height written as 3 ascii characters - in hex
This amounts to “Height” = 100

Thanks for that clarification Norman. I think I tracked down why the XML version corrupted. I managed to remove blocks from the XML file until I located the culprit.