XML problem

I have an xml file that when I load into an XMLDocument the attributes in a node are swapped. I load from file as textinputstream.

the encoding is named.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

if I look at it in iExplore I get

if I look at the XMLDocument.ToString I get:

i’ve never encountered this. I’m sure it must some type of encoding issue,

If you open it in a text editor what do you get?

opening in text editor i get .

when i loop through a nodelist it seems to be starting at the end. so i’m guessing this is an endian issue? how can that be detected and fixed?

It is neither an encodings nor an endian issue. You wouldn’t be able to read it if it were. Looks like IE has it backward?

Is iExplore sorting the attributes alphabetically?

i doesn’t look like IE is sorting alphabetically.


Perhaps related to this: