xml -> ios

It is possible to use xml file with ios? Something like that.
Dim xml1 As New XmlDocument(f)
Catch e As XmlException
IndexPage.OK_Alert(“NIL”,“XmlException”,“This does not appear to be an XML file.”)
End Try

  Dim cour,ip,da,he As XmlAttribute
  Dim na As XmlNode = xml1.DocumentElement.FirstChild
  cour= na.GetAttributeNode("email")
  ip= na.GetAttributeNode("ip")
  da = na.GetAttributeNode("date")
  he = na.GetAttributeNode("heure")


iOS does support JSON, though.

Xojo iOS or iOS (as you wrote) ?
(unsure I correctly understand)

[quote=293322:@Emile Schwarz]Xojo iOS or iOS (as you wrote) ?
(unsure I correctly understand)[/quote]
Kind of both. Technically it exists on non-Xojo iOS but using it there is a pain because of the way it was implemented. It requires event driven parsing instead of direct lookup like you are used to in Xojo.