XML from httpsocket.pagerecieved

Hi there… I am in WE using httpsocket.
It’s called location1
When I do location1.post (url) - it retrieves an XML (by using Google API).
I defintely recieve something in the location1.pagereceived
However it’s not the XML. The contents just contain the HTML of the page.
When I cop and paste the URL in my browser I get the XML page…

How can I get the XML and not the HTML of the page?

In actuality, the purpose of this is to be able to start typing in an address and google will list (after 6 characters) all the matching addresses it could be.

When you click on the address, it will send another post via httpSocket to get another XML with all the details of that address!

Does the particular API you are using accept POST submissions? What happens if you use GET instead?

Is there anything in the returned HTML page that gives you a clue as to what’s wrong, e.g. an error message?