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Hi. I am considering alternative Xojo for my future development. The most important thing for me is to save a project in XML format, but after descargarme version and install it on my computer does not allow me to save a project in XML format. What I can do?

To save a project in another file format (like xml), you need to buy a license.

Thank you Emile. So, if I want to know Xojo is good for me, firt I have to buy it!. Uhnnn

you can use Xojo for free but you cant do a few things. 1, Compile apps (you can run them in the debugger). 2. you cant save to any file format the xojo source code except the default binary format. 3. something else I cant remember off the top of my head.

so if you must save the source code as XML to test, then yes you must buy it. I dont see why you would have to. saving in any of the 3 formats, builds the apps to the same compiled binaries.

Of course not.
The file format has little to do with how you get on with the development tool.
You can save in binary format while testing.

What is the importance of the XML format to you?

You could always copy the text and save it in a text editor if you needed to.

Thanks Scott and Jeff.

Well, I have a tool for “back door programing” and I can develop applications for any language (C, .Net, Java,…) I wondered if it could also develop applications created in Xojo. Why?, using my tool, I can reduce hours of programmer to seconds, getting the same quality and performance. But I need that Xojo save in txt or xml format.

then you need to buy a license.

I will, thanks Scott.

Just to note: You CANNOT use the single platform license(s) as you cannot use the version control formats with the single-platform licenses. (funny how other posts fail to mention this)

That tool you mentioned sounds interesting.

The Xojo.com home page states:

Hi Txori,

I believe you can open a xml file using the free IDE. I think Norman Palardy (Xojo staff member) said so in a recent thread. I am not 100 % sure though, it might have been the single platform license which got mentioned.

So, if you want to check the xml format before purchasing a license I could save a Hello World example or one of my projects and post a link here.

Let me know if you want to try that.

Julen (;p)

Julen, send him both the binary and the xml version

Here it is, one of my own projects. It saves a txt file with the position (x,y) and color (R,G,B) of each pixel of a picture. I used it at some point for my work but I can’t even remeber what for…

I have included the binary and xml versions of it, as suggested by Richard: