XL ODBC change file name

I am connecting to an Excel spreadsheet using an ODBC DSN with the Microsoft Excel Driver.
mDb = New ODBCDatabase
mDB.DataSource = “USBank”
Can I add the file name to the datasource string? I don’t want to hard code it in the DSN because the file name changes each month. I will let the user choose the XL file in my FileOpen method.
Does anyone have an example datasource string for this?

you should be able to specify just about everything in code rather than having to set up a dsn

this place has examples for a LOT of dsns that you could then create in xojo using strings and string concatenation

EDIT : this might be useful

it took me a while to find the right one for my use (not excel) on here but they do have LOTS of examples

@Norman Palardy thanks for the help.