XJBundle for Xojo is a collection of over $350 of the best add-ons for Xojo development, available for a limited time for only 79$ (€ 79).

This offer ends 4th October 2015.

The bundle includes:
• Arbed Basic Licence (Windows & Mac OS X)
• DtPlugins (Mac OS X)
• Html Edit Control (Windows & Mac OS X)
• Lexing Control (Windows & Mac OS X)
• Ohanaware Retina Display Kit 2 (Windows & Mac OS X)
• RubberViews (Windows & Mac OS X)
• TreeView (Windows & Mac OS X)

XJBundle for Xojo is immediately available for purchase through the XJBundle website at http://www.xjbundle.com. For more information, visit the XJBundle website. XJBundle is organized by Dethomsoft Software, and the best of the best supporting vendors. For any questions, contact us at: info@xjbundle.com.