Xippets News March 2014

Just to let everyone know, Xippets is still going strong, receiving approximately 200 to 250 unique visitors a day and as you will see from the viewings on Xippets on the site, there is a lot of interest in what is being posted there. The site is still running at https://www.boxedbyte.com/xippets.php, I am still working on the new site at www.xippets.com but it is a part time venture and taking a little longer than anticipated to get livened up.

Please continue to support the site as the new site will be offering some great features and the current database will be transferred to the new site. We are going to integrate an offline browser/snippet database so you always have your code snippets available even when you have no internet connection. This will then synchronise with the online site when you get a connection and share (if you choose) any new code snippets you have added to the browser.

I have also added two new categories to the site which had been overlooked, console and IDE Scripts so please post in these categories anything you have to offer.

Many thanks.

Thank you for this great website.

a few minutes ago I found a new xippet for a movable global floating window without title bar on OSX.

This is good stuff