Xippets is a go go...

[h]Xojo Snippets Code Repository[/h]

Xippets has launched at https://www.boxedbyte.com .

Its Free, We have worked really hard to get this off the ground, there may be some bugs but please take a look and get registered.

Xippets is a code repository designed for Xojo developers to submit, copy, discuss and improve code snippets for Xojo. It is not designed as a forum although you can comment on others code.

It needs your input, your code snippets and your ideas for where it goes from here. Please contribute and comment, this has taken some 5 months to get to this stage. Please let me know of any bugs you find, they will exist.

Get started now…

I will follow you.

Looks good.

yet another account to just view the snippets?

Nicely done Mike! I just signed up.

Looks really nice, Mike. Looking forward to having this as a resource.

Great website. Just signed up.

How about a favicon for the website?


Looks great. I’m curious, did you consider using Xojo to do the site?



[quote=45970:@Jim Cramer]Mike,

Looks great. I’m curious, did you consider using Xojo to do the site?



Yes, lots of others asked that question at development stage. The reason I didn’t was really simple, I don’t have a web license only a desktop one, and stick to what you know, I knew the tools I was working with for web development whereas Ive not used Xojo WE so there would have been the learning curve there. I was struggling to offer the time to XIppets I wanted to anyway so learning a new tool wasn’t an option.

That isn’t to say I wouldn’t move over to WE in the future.

Understood Mike, thanks for responding.

Yes, you are right. I will sort this today.

Thank you for creating the site.


Registered and already played with a xippet, and commented on it :slight_smile:

Great idea !

Great resouce!
I just signed up
And thanks for the website :slight_smile:

This is really neat! I’ve added a couple of snippets myself.

Hey all. Great response to the launch of Xippets. We had a more than expected number of people sign up.

Don’t forget to keep adding Xippets however simple or complex they will get used.

Got some great features on the way. Now is the time to let us know if there is anything you want adding.

Thanks for all the support and positive comments so far.

Keep Xippeting

Hi Mike,

I was wondering is there a feature on xippets that allows users to opt in to receiving emails as new xippets are added? I think it be cool to be alerted when new code is available. But not all users would like it so there would have to be a way to opt out.

Not yet but I suspect I could add it without too much bother. Thanks for your input

It’s very nice.
There is ont thing that I find a bit awkward.
The view button is just above the rating system.
I’ve had a few times, when browsing on my iPad, that I accidentally rated a snippet while I was aiming for the View button.