Xippets and Copyright

Someone has just posted me a PM regarding posting code snippets to Xippets. I have not put up terms and conditions yet or copyright notices. Copyright is a very complex subject in relation to software development as many of you will know. For example, I write a piece of code to draw a circle on a canvas in the paint event, this is not unique works and I could not sue you for copyright infringement if you used the same piece of code to draw a circle on your canvas. I come up with a new cryptographic function to store passwords, it is unique and has not been developed before, I could copyright this but you could have developed a very similar function, coded slightly differently, I would have to prove you took my code and copied it, again very difficult.

What I would say, if you intend posting code written by someone else, email them first and ask their permission, tell them you wish to post in the public domain, credit their work, link to them or their email.

If you know works are copyright, unique, owned by someone, do not post without their express permission.

If you see works which you believe belong to you or you believe should not be in the public domain contact us at contact@boxedbyte.com to report the issue.

So I am right in saying when code is posted on Xippets, it is placed into the public domain, right? I’m hoping so as that’s the way a code sharing system should work. If you want to share something of substance that you want to maintain your own copyright on, then you should seek another way to share the source. Correct?

If one makes code public, copyright becomes little less than a moral paternity. Of course, one can claim GPL license or something similar. The best protection for copyright is to keep code secret.

Mike, you want to have members of Xippets agree with a disclaimer that protects you.

Correct, provided they are not infringing copyright

Yes this is something that is being put together for the new site.