Xero Accounting Software ?

Does anyone know if an add-on exists that will work with Xojo for the Xero Accounting Software as I would like to be able to talk to it from my Xojo apps?

Xero Accounting Software

Doesn’t answer your question exactly, but Xero has an API (API).

You can get/post/put/etc. using Xojo’s httpsockets (I can do that for other APIs so this should be the same). Can’t imagine it would be hard.

watch out for the transaction limits limits, (particularly the no more than 60 transactions a minute) make sure you can work within them before you start because they will not change them. takes lots of coding to queue and schedule stuff.

i decided not to bother and became a sage developer instead. never got that working in xojo though.

I have written code in Xojo to retrieve contact details from Xero using a developer certificate. Had a bit of fun with the oAuth stuff, but got it working in the end.

You got oAuth working in Xojo? I thought that required HTTP 1.1?

I’m just using a HTTPSecureSocket without any problems.

We’ve used HTTPSecureSockets to do oAuth, too - works like a charm. (Sorry for hijacking the Xero post, Nathan!)