xDev Magazine Releases Issue 14.1 (Jan/Feb 2016)

January 2016 – xDev Magazine is pleased to announce that the new Jan/Feb 2016 (14.1) issue is now available in PDF and print formats.

xDev Magazine is the only publication in the world exclusively devoted to guiding developers in how to use the free Xojo multi-platform rapid application development environment, from Xojo, Inc.

This latest issue of the magazine includes the following feature articles:

London 2015 by Richard Duke
There was another Xojo conference and you weren’t there. That’s because it was in the UK and travel is expensive. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the details for you here!

The MBS SQL Plugin by Christian Schmitz
Did you know there are advantages to using the MBS SQL Plugin? Christian explains why and how you should use his plugin.

The Magic of Barcodes by Mark Strickland
It sounds like a fantastic tale, but it works. Mark explains his system of using an iPhone app to scan barcodes for his Xojo Web App for inventory management.

A Multicore Processing Primer, Part 2 by Markus Winter
In this installment of his primer on multitasking, Markus explains about Linux.

Medication Alerts, Part Two by JC Cruz
JC’s epic health journal app series concludes, this time covering presenting medical alerts to the user.

Plus articles on dates and the new framework, ergonomics, JSON, Role Party Model, Michel Bujardet, Getting the mouse cursor location in Xojo Web, transparent listboxes, and much more.

This new issue can be purchased and downloaded instantly via GumRoad (http://gum.co/bHaSW).

Other Products
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Also available on the xDev website are printed perfect-bound books of each of the magazine’s first 12 years. Each book is 300-500 pages and contains over 70 articles and programming tutorials. All are available for order now (http://www.xdevmag.com/orders_book.shtml).