xDev Magazine In Book Format -- Pre-Order Sale

xDev Magazine In Book Format – Pre-Order Sale

January 7, 2014 – xDev Magazine is reprinting the past year’s issues into a convenient perfect-bound book which will be shipping in late January 2014. Through January 20, the book may be pre-ordered for $44.99 – 25% off the normal price of $59.99. Current subscribers can save even more with an additional subscriber-only discount!

The 506-page book contains the full contents of Year 11 of the magazine (issues 11.1-11.6, Jan. 2013-Dec. 2013), and features a full-color cover, black ink interior, and perfect-binding. Volume 11 includes articles on topics such as:

  • Amazon’s EC2 for Web Apps
  • Apple About Boxes
  • Blackjack Simulator
  • ChartPart
  • Complete Xojo Developer’s Conference 2013 Coverage
  • Conditional Compiling
  • Creating PDFs from HTML
  • Free/New Xojo Features
  • Functional Programming
  • Making a Windows Installer
  • Making Xojo Plugins
  • Smart Tips for Developers
  • Unit Testing
  • Xojo Navigator Tips

And much, much more!

Those interested should place orders today on the xDev website.


The pre-order discount is only offered through Jan. 20, 2014.

Previous annual collections of xDev (Volumes 1 through 10) are also available from the xDev website starting at just $30.


About xDev Magazine
Formerly Real Studio Developer, xDev Magazine has been publishing since 2002. xDev is an independent bimonthly publication focused on instructing users of the Xojo development environment. Each issue features over 70 pages of quality articles from top Xojo programmers and authors. xDev is renown around the world as the premiere source of Xojo instruction, tutorials, and programming advice.

About Xojo
Xojo, Inc. was founded with the idea that software development should be accessible to anyone. With traditional tools, creating software applications can be a very complicated process, but using Xojo anyone can learn to create high quality, native apps for the web, OS X, Windows, Linux, and soon, mobile as well. With users all over the world, Xojo apps can be found in every conceivable category – from commercial software applications to use in governments, universities, businesses, and the Fortune 500. Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are introduced to programming with Xojo. For more information, visit www.xojo.com.

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