XDC2019 Open Conversation - Day 2

A new day and I’m a bit late since I was making some last-minute changes to my upcoming presentation. I’m told that’s always a great idea.

Right now I’m watching @Paul Lefebvre talk about Debugging. In the other room, @William Yu is discussing Windows issues.

Is that the only session in that room today? I kid, I kid!

Weren’t you supposed to be here this year?!?

@William Yu’s session is a lot of information about Windows. Including several live demos.

Stuff happened and I had to go to Boston in Feb and NYC in October and I couldn’t make Miami happen in May as well unfortunately. #XDC2020London

Priorities man, PRIORITIES!

YOU get to explain to greg how he has to cram into an economy seat for 8 hours to get to london #unhappyGreg :slight_smile:

Kem takes the stage to present Decoding Text Encodings

@Kem Tekinay’s sessions are always very entertaining and educational. always love them.

Scott is too kind. Entirely accurate though.

someone remind me why I am still humming dont worry… be happy?

Now watching @Leigh Roberts talk about implementing Google-like predictive auto-complete. In the other session, @Steve Koger is talking about communicating with Xojo Cloud from an iOS app.

“Here’s a little presentation I wrote, you might want to watch it note for note…”

For those who attended my Session Xojo Cloud from an iOS app. This forum post talks about the plist entry needed for viewing your Special documents folder via iTunes on a physical iOS device.

iOS folder view in iTunes

Man, lunch here has been so good.

Anyway, back to sessions. Right now I’m watching @jim mckay talk about signing/notarizing through Xcode. In the other session, @Bob Keeney is discussion Xojo Mistakes We All Regret Later.

man I wish I was there to heckle bob :stuck_out_tongue:

we wish you were here. heckling bob would be just a bonus. :slight_smile:

I made my blog post about the new DynaPDF graphics Class integration I showed earlier today:

Graphics class for DynaPDF

While @Marc Zeedar enlightens us on XojoScript, I await @Tim Dietrich 's discussion of Webhooks.

For the restaurant Casablanca tonight.

Between our hotel and the neighbor hotel (DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Hotel Biscayne Bay), there is a small shopping mall. So pass the reception and walk thought the tunnel in the mall. Take escalators upstairs and walk to the ocean side. Be there at 7 PM for the dinner.

Guided tour from hotel lobby to restaurant starts 6:45 PM.