XDC2014 Open Conversation - Day 3

Just sitting in the presentation of Bob Keeney about Reporting.

@Kem Tekinay is starting Security Via Obesity

Kem is starting his session on body image and weight loss. Oh wait, I read that wrong. Security through obesity.

Security Via Obesity: Do not to store your keys or passwords in constants in Xojo.

Kem has mastered the pronunciation of “Trillion” really well.

Security Via Obesity: Username and passwords are not stored in the same table/row so it isn’t easy to focus on where to attack the password.

Paul and William are showing some Linux love.

Well, that went well. Until my pants fell down. Note to self: Invest in a belt.

Getting ready for the MacOSLib session now…

Kem - that really was a useful/great presentation - good job!

Kem Tekinay proves to be one of the strongest presenters so far. That nervous act over breakfast had us fooled. Great presentation!

Thanks, I… Wait, weren’t you in Bob’s Reports presentation?!?

I get you two confused so easily.

if you follow me on Twitter I posted many technical Xojo Tips from Kem’s Security By Obesity Presentation. //@mike_cotrone

Great presentation Kem!

Thanks Mike.

Lunch is over and I’m at Paul’s “Good Guy ListBox”. What’s to know about the ListBox, you ask? It turns out, a lot.

Extension methods. How have I used Xojo for this many years and not known I could do this? See the Getting Started Guide for more info on them.

See my M_String module for a whole lotta useful string extensions.

There’s also this: http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2013/09/extension-methods.php

You don’t say… :slight_smile:

It is an amazingly versatile tool if you are willing to put some work in. I worry about it eventually going away as it may not be in the new framework (though I expect a new one will be - but I suspect it won’t be as flexible)


Don’t forget http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2014/02/what-can-i-extend.php