XDC .. reactions?

Is it just me or is it normal that there is little response to the XDC videos? :thinking:

There always used to be a lot of movement/discussions around this event. Maybe because few new (interesting?) things were brought out? To be honest, I was a bit disappointed and am still hungry for new interesting announcements. Still hopes that will come… I really want Xojo to be successful!

Something to think about.


I think it’s the remote nature of it, not at all like being there. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville in Sept.


I too have been somewhat dissapointed by the lack of discussion. However, physical XDC’s are somewhat exclusive in that only attendee’s get to see the content and the rest of us have had to rely on updates from those attendee’s. This time we all get to see the content as it’s released and we can view & digest it in our own time. I guess there’ll be more discussion over the next few days.

The only thing to react to is how disappointing it was.

No new features, no useful information and the only feature progress update we got was the now standard session “let’s show you how little progress we have made on Android support”.

If this is the best that Xojo can do then I think we should all be very concerned.


I would expect more discussion if the sessions were live streamed by the presenters. As it is, though, it’s just a video that we watch. For me, that mostly means that I watch it when I can take a break from working or taking care of my wife, then I go right back to the other things I have to do. If these were live, I think there would be a great deal more engagement, more like an in-person presentation, at least in the live chat of the session.

I feel like XDC Anywhere is a mini event to keep us natives happy until we can all meet up in Nashville for some real interactions. I, personally, am not disappointed by the sessions and I don’t have a lot of questions about the content, I just have other things I need to do when the video is finished.


Me too, but only if the [ANN] is to be delivered in the next couple of weeks (or the day after).

In the last years, many of the more active users left the community, stop using the tool or are banned from the forum. Many others know by now that comments and feedback that are not positive are likely to be censored, so they dont bother any more in this forum.

But yes indeed, something to think about the general feeling of the few that are responding is disappointment.


That’s not remotely true. And yet you’re still here, go figure.


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To be honest, I have been busy over the last couple of days and have only had time to watch Keynote Part I & II, as well as the Android update. Obviously these were informational overview sessions, so I didn’t expect there to be a lot of discussion.

The other sessions I haven’t seen yet, but have bookmarked. I am looking forward to viewing them once I can put some time together (hopefully this weekend). A couple of them look like they might clue me in on some things I might have missed (or the less obvious features), like the Filling in the Gaps for iOS and Favorite Web Features, so I am especially looking forward to seeing them.

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Let’s be clear. The in-person XDC sessions have a captive audience between 50 and 100 people and later there’s a lot of time for questions and cross-banter. They get discussed quickly and extensively because everyone saw them at the same time and many people want to disseminate their ideas out to the community. This offline thing brought about by the COVID pandemic where they’re just videos that are posted at a particular time for everyone to see at their leisure means that there’s no time continuity between the observers and in reality, for anyone east of GMT, already getting into their evening hours… not to mention that not everyone is going to watch every session (which is also true in-person, but far less frequent).

What I’m getting at here is that the people who want to see these, will, in their own time see them. But there without someone next to you that understands the ramifications, there’s probably going to be less lively talks about it.