XDC Call for Debugging Issues

Norman’s Debugging Lab XDC session is all about tough debugging problems you have run into. We’d like to get real life submissions from the community that we can walk through during the session.

If you’ve run into a question while debugging your project- whether or not you’ve found a good answer- send those questions and any relevant projects/examples to norman@xojo.com and we’ll evaluate them for inclusion.

Please include at least 1-2 sentences about your debugging experience and project.

Remember that code samples must be able to be viewed by conference attendees. You do not have to be present at XDC for your project to be considered.

Norman, feel free to use any of my public feedback cases. Some are better than others and if you need more information then send me an email for more information.

Happy to help!

At any “tough” debugging situation the debugger crashes. Always. When I’m not really sure where a problem comes from and I have to step through a couple of classes/methods then the debugger doesn’t last long.

Please keep the thread on topic
If you have issues you want to discuss start a new thread - please don’t hijack this one.

Oh, is there no more Debugging Lab at XDC?

There were just so many exciting things to talk about, it was hard to nail down a topic. Norman decided he is going to cover New IDE Features in his session, but he’ll be onsite the whole time if you want to set up a time with him to talk Debugging. Feel free to send me a pm or email and I’ll help you get connected.

a subtle problem I found with iOS development. Sometimes when inserting a comment ‘//’ , On get an extra period ‘.’ before the //
Maybe it is my fat fingers, but on number of occasions, I have taken some time to re cognise the extra character in the line of code.
The debugger just gives a ‘Syntax error’ and shows the line of code. It can be difficult to spot if tired. Could the error be better phrased for this particular case?

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