XDC Attendee Plans for Tuesday 3/25

Several XDC attendees have asked if there were others interested in getting together to see a show or grab dinner offsite Tuesday 3/25, the night before the conference officially begins. I’d like to encourage a discussion on the matter to get started, so you all can make plans!

Tuesday night we will have early registration around 7PM, and an informal meet&greet in the Monte Carlo Pub, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan to go to to a showing of Penn & Teller or Blue Man Group, etc. Post here if you’re interested and maybe you all can make a plan!

Don’t forget about the BKeeney Software Training Day to be held that day too! http://www.bkeeney.com/xojo-training-2014/

The best may be to meet in the pub in the Monte Carlo?

Hi all,

I’m interested. I get into town on the monday so should be jet lag free by Tuesday night! :wink: (or ready to stay up late and party!).


We (me and Gino) are still planning our exact plans. We’re landing at LAX Saturday evening, spending some time there and then driving over to Las Vegas on Tuesday. No idea yet on exactly when we’ll be where.
I’m hoping to finalize our plans sometime this week.

We’re planning to start off at the registration event, then go and see Penn & Teller. Who knows where the night will take us after that :wink:

to a hangover…

Hmm… maybe not the best way to get value out of the first day of the conference, then :wink: