XDC 2020 - Where Should It Be? Vote now!

We heard from a lot of people who were disappointed that we were not planning to do an XDC next year. Given the feedback we have received, we have decided to look into possibly doing an XDC 2020! We have narrowed the location down to three cities (based upon hotel availability, location to activities, flight cost, etc.) but we would like your feedback! Vote now and let us know where you’d like to go!

We will do our best to find a location based upon the results of the survey, but it might not be possible to get a specific venue that meets all of our criteria at the right time, at the right price, etc. in the top voted choice. Having said that, we will pick one of these three cities. I’m really encouraged by the enthusiasm and each city already has enough votes that they’d all be great destinations!

Thanks for replying, unfortunately someone has skewed the results, so the survey is now closed. I would, however, like to ask the question a different way. Please complete this 3 question survey on XDC location.