Xcode on iOS and Arm Macs

Rumors currently circulating.

I doubt Xojo will be ported to iOS anytime soon due to its cross-platform nature, but it sure would be nice to have the iOS simulator gone.

Xojo recompiled for Arm probably wouldn’t be crazy hard to do, but there’ll have to be some serious Arm Mac (aMac?) sales first.

Until / unless it ships in some form there’s no point stressing about it or worrying about what might come to pass

Keep an eye on the WWDC Keynote.
Maybe we can order a transition kit again, like in 2006.

Or like when they moved from PPC to Intel or …
They’ve done this dance more than once

true that this is a still a “rumor”, but as of today

Bloomberg: Apple's First ARM Mac to Launch by 2021 With 12-Core Processor
Thursday April 23, 2020 4:45 am PDT by Joe Rossignol
In line with a timeframe shared by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last month, Bloomberg today reports that Apple is planning to release at least one Mac with its own custom-designed ARM-based processor by 2021.

The report claims that Apple is developing three Mac processors based on the A14 chip in upcoming iPhone 12 models. At least one of these processors will apparently be much faster than the A-series chips in the iPhone and iPad. Like the A14 chip, the Mac processors are expected to be manufactured by TSMC based on its 5nm process.

Apple's first Mac processors will have 12 cores, including eight high-performance cores and at least four energy-efficient cores, according to the report. Apple is said to be exploring Mac processors with more than 12 cores for further in the future, with the company already designing a second generation of Mac processors based on the A15 chip.

The first ARM-based Mac is likely to be a notebook, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects at least one Mac desktop with an Apple processor next year too.

Once upon a time…

What worries me about this transition is about virtual machines. Currently, running Windows or Linux is smooth; with ARM, it will be like PPC and Virtual PC: limited to 1/2 of speed because CPU instructions must be converted. Will this be the end of reliable virtual machines?

Well, I bet we will be building apps for both for some times, so every Mac app has two parts, one for Intel and one for ARM.

For application built with Bitcode included, it should be possible for Apple to do the recompile automatically.

And for other apps they may just include an emulator as they did for 68k on PPC and PPC on Intel.

If they do this then to me its big worry because everything is smooth now with Virtual Machines and making things work across. In the past their switching was driven by the fact that their current architectures had fallen behind. That is not the case now so one would assume now its mostly driven by getting more profits and better battery hours (which is understandable for ultra portables)

You’re not the only one to think so.

Is it good or is it bad ? Who knows ?

Intel has fallen behind and I think the main reason is control. Making their own processors and bringing it in house does lower costs but mainly takes back control.

They have mostly fallen behind AMD though (at least desktop speed wise), if monitoring like Toms Hardware then AMD has been winning both desktop and server tests with their zen2 Architecture. But you really wont find any reliable tests that show ARM chips anywhere close to winning Desktop usage (though its a bit hard to test with limited options of operating systems and real world cases). ARM of course is clear winner wattage usage.

When coming out in the real world then dirty tricks like they have done on the iPad wont cut it to make it appear faster. They do things there to speed things up because they control the platform fully. Just a example is PNG images are non standard there to optimize it for the iPAD, normal standard spec PNG decoder will not decode it. Once your on personal computer then user will run whatever he wants and non standard things to optimize wont help you.