Xcode needed?

I just set up a new MacBook and installed Xojo but not Xcode. All seems fine, also App-Building. But i was wondering if i have to install Xcode for signing my apps?

I also got App Wrapper mini to get my apps ready for the MAS, but i’m confused about the process of creating the certificate App Wrapper mini is asking me for.

Can anyone provide a simple guide on how to get my app ready for the MAS using OS X 10.9.1 and App Wrapper mini?

Thank you.

if you use terminal and type codesign and press return, does it show an error or show the help for codesign?
If it shows error, you need to install Xcode to get the codesign tool.

it shows the help.

But what is the right way to get a valid certificate for my app and use it with App Wrapper mini? I do have a valid Apple Developer Subscription.

simply get such an description from Apple. You need it for being a known developer and codesign your app.

You log into your Apple Developer account and there are commands within the website for you to download and install your certificates. Note that there are several different kinds, so you have to install the right ones for what you’re doing (i.e. building for the Mac App Store).

I now have created and downloaded the following certificates:


and installed them by double-clicking. They are now shown in the keychain. But they all report the following message:

in english:

When i uses this certificates with App Wrapper mini and Xojo to build my app, the app crashes at start.

The Bugreport says:

What i am doing wrong?

For those who have similar problems: The reason for my problem was, that i did not have the Intermediate Certificates in my keychain. They come with Xcode, thats why my first question was: Is Xcode needed to sign my apps? The answer is yes, or you download these 2 certificates directly from your apple developer members area.

[quote]Intermediate Certificates
To use your certificates, you must have the intermediate signing certificate in your system keychain. This is automatically installed by Xcode. However, if you need to reinstall the intermediate signing certificate click the link below:
Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority
Developer ID Certificate Authority[/quote]