XCode examples

The SDK seems out of date or broken.
Of the few examples I that actually compile in XCode 9.3.1 (latest), produce a dylib (DLL) which must require further work to become a plugin.
Does anyone have samples that actually work or a process to create even a hello world plugin would be nice.

Hello Peter

You can run the dylib in your plugin directory for testing purposes.

Then when your ready to pack a full plugin then the packed plugin file is just a renamed Zip file.

You can download a plugin from me for example from www.einhugur.com and rename its file ending to .zip and then unzip it to examine the structure that you need to create. (Note that the manifest inside my plugins is not required thats just a thing i add for my internal purposes)

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Thank you.
My lib now appears in the inspector.
The folders and rename from zip thing doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

PluginPackaging.rtf in the PluginSDK folder coming with Xojo explains packaging.

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