Xcode 9 / iPhone8

I just downloaded the official XCode9 release, which had iOS simulators for iPhone8, iPhone8+, iPhoneSE and iPhoneX
I was confused to see that the resolutions reported were not quite what I expected based on previous web rumors

  • For iPhone8 375x667 @2x [750x1334] or the same as the iPhone6 and 7
  • For iPhone8Plus 414x736 @3x [1242x2208] or the same as the iPhone6Plus and 7+
  • For iPhoneSE is 320x568 @2x [640x1136] or the same as the iPhone5s
  • For iPhoneX is 375x812 @3x [1125x2436] … this is a new resolution (same width as iPhone6 but @3x]

so some of the previous websites were off, as they indicated the iPhone8 would have the resolution that the iPhoneX ended up with

Everything you need to know: https://www.paintcodeapp.com/news/ultimate-guide-to-iphone-resolutions

So a rumor website got something wrong?

I’m not sure the rumor sites got the screen sizes wrong as much as they had the device names wrong. Before the leak last week the thinking was the new phones would be named iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and 8 (or maybe Pro). Instead they went with 8, 8 Plus and X.

I’m waiting for the iPhone SE with OLED and edge-to-edge screen. Sweet. I imagine they will call it the iPhone SEX.

That should’ve read “I imagine they will call it the iPhone SE X”.

HAHA! Brilliant!
I think quite a few people will not buy that particular phone until they are married, though.
But maybe only using it, in secret… when mom and dad aren’t there…