Xcode 8 and Xojo

Has anybody tried the Xcode 8 GM seed with Xojo?

It took a while to download and install the Sierra and Xcode 8 GMs. But Xojo 2016r2.1 on my Sierra VM is running iOS apps fine in the Simulator using iOS 10:

Thanks Paul. Any issues with building an App Store version?

For App Store signing- if you are running on 10.11 / Xcode 8, you can use the current version of Xojo. 10.12 has changed some code signing things that the upcoming release of Xojo is compatible with.

Ah, OK. I’m on 10.12 but still running Xcode 7. Will I be able to code-sign?

You’ll probably need to use the upcoming version of Xojo to codesign for the app store while running on 10.12. If you are a member of the beta program, you can try that version of Xojo now.

Thanks Travis. All good.