Xcode 8.0 woes

I updated to El Captain, as I read I needed to update Xcode to compile iOS apps in the latest Xojo release.

Turns out that Xcode 8.0 is what installed with El Captain. I was on Mavericks, and it worked a treat, until the more recent Xojo releases.

Now, I cannot seem to get the whole provisioning profile thing to work. I have added new devices to my ADC, and downloaded the new profile, which does show the device in it. (Just looking with a text editor and see the UID)

However, Xojo doesn’t seem to pick up that profile, as when I compile an iOS app, whether my own or an example, it uses an old mobile provisioning profile, from bacon August; well before my upgrade of OS X & Xojo.

Anyone else having a similar issue? I, of course, need to deploy an app on a few iPads belonging to a client for testing, and not being very successful.


Xcode 8 is installed as part of Sierra , Xcode 7.3 was what came with ElCap. to get Xcode 8 on ElCap, you must download and install it yourself (something I did just last week, and took 10 hours!!!)

It came down as an update when I did the upgrade to ElCap.

I’ve downloaded version 7.3.1. Do you think the issue is that 8 isn’t supported yet? Uninstall 8 and install 7.3.1 would solve the issue?

I won’t be upgrading to Sierra any time soon, as I am a late adopter of new OSes.

Did you install the new developer tools? If not that might be the problem.

I can’t comment on “iOS for Xojo” requirements, and somebody deleted the post that I think answered your question, something to do with using the correct Dev Account if I recall.

I will say Xcode8 (at least for non-Xojo items) has a few minor issues, particularly in the simulator for the Pro and Pro-Mini, and I’ve had it lock up and refuse to compile (non-Xojo) programs until I reset everything

As far as I know, yes, Jason. I installed what came down from the AppStore.

I believe I have the correct developer account, Dave, but who knows. It all used to work, and it ‘appears’ the profile downloads, but Xojo don’t pick it up. Very odd.

If it’s picking an older profile you don’t want to be using, you might consider deleting your profile(s) from Apple (which are stored in ~Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles) and only re-download the ones you want to use.

Oddly enough, that is exactly what I was doing as you posted that!

Thanks for the reply, and I can confirm it seems to have fixed the issue.