Xcode 7 Allows users to push your own App onto iOS

Seems one will be able to push code onto iOS with Xcode 7 without a developers account.
Anyone with the source code and Xcode 7 will be able to ‘sideload’ an app.


Wondering what this means for XoJo.
Will we maybe be able to do the same through some Xcode plugin?


yep would be a nice feature to implement in xojo
send the program to the simulator or to a connected iDevice ? =)

I just put a little program in Swift directly on my old iPhone 4s with Xcode 7 Beta.

It was very easy and I can’t wait to use this feature with Xojo.

assuming apple doesn’t close this before Xcode 7 goes live

Apple made a fairly big splash about this at WWDC, so it’s happening.

It’s not as simple as the ZDNet article title implies. You can only do this to YOUR phone and you must have the source code to the app. What I dug out of our developer contact is that it basically means that you don’t have to have a developer account to test your app on a real device.

Yes. That’s exactly what they announced this week, nothing more. I’ve a Dev program membership so I’m not that interested but it’s nice for people who are getting started.

Right - its not a generic “side load apps on to zillions of machines” capability

And they’ve also just combined the prevously-spearate developer programs so all developers have access to all Apple targets. A separate iOS developer account is no longer necessary to develop iOS apps.

This is from an email we received from Apple a few days ago: