XCODE 7.1 ??

Will XCODE 7.1 work with the new XOJO R3?

It should, yes.

It doesn’t. It isn’t possible to select a Simulator Device after installing Xcode 7.1 and Xojo crashes as soon as you try to run your project.

I’m in the process of downloading Xcode 7.0.1 again…

We’ve been using 7.1 for several days without issue.

Did you make sure you had run Xcode 7.1 and agreed/installed tools?

Oh (hangs head in shame…). That old chestnut. When I went from 7.0 to 7.0.1 I didn’t have to do this and that was obviously enough behaviour modification for me ;). It’s all good. Thanks Travis!

Define “crash”. I know there is code that is supposed to handle the case of not having agreed to the Xcode EULA…

One of those hard crashes Joe that causes Xojo to quit and prompts you to launch Feedback but then didn’t fill in any of the crash log details into a case. And of course now that I’ve agreed to the EULA I can’t make it do that again.

On another matter, the IDE is really screwed up with regard to cursor positions. If I type a long line of text, my cursor winds up being one character before the place that I’m typing. Check this out:

But now I’ve taken this thread off topic…