XCode 6.2 and Xojo incompatibility?


I just tried to build an iOS app. It’s failed saying that it can’t find SDK 8.1. I realised I’d autoupdated Xcode to the new version released today…

Is this something I can work around, or am I stuffed?

Currently released versions of Xojo require XCode 6.1 / SDK 8.1. You can login to the Apple dev center and grab XCode 6.1.1 here :


Just remove XCode 6.2 and put 6.1.1 back in its place. Run it once, and you should be fine again.

Ok, working on that now.

Won’t that affect whether you can submit apps to the app store? I thought Apple required apps to be submitted built to the latest SDK?

No. They currently accept SDK 8.0+.


Download completed… reinstalling… moment of truth…

Phew. Much appreciated.