Xcode 13 for uploading Mac Apps

I am ready to get beta testing and upload my App to Mac store. Apple says upload Apps built with Xcode 13+. What does this mean for a XOJO App? what do I have to do to upload my App? Does AppWrapper solve all these issues?

There is an app called Transporter to upload apps. It’s available on the AppStore.

Yes, App Wrapper can upload apps to the Mac App Store.

Beatrix, thank you. I have downloaded Transporter, it requires .ipa, or .pkg — how do I make this from a XOJO built app?

Where is that hidden?

@Bill_Snaith : AppWrapper or the command line can make pkgs or dmgs. AppWrapper can also integrate DMGCanvas or DroDMG.

“Packing” → “Submit To Apple” → “ App Store Submission”