XCode 10.2 update vs xojo 2018 r4?

Just finishing up porting my app to 2018 r4, and yesterday my Xcode was updated to 10.2.

Looks okay, but upon Run, I get “Trying to run an iOS project with no iOS devices configured”, and sure enough, under iOS Debugging I am unable to select a Simulator Device - the dropdown doesn’t.

I pull up one of my Swift projects, and after a few Swift 5 tweaks, it runs fine in XCode under nearly any iOS device I select from Window->Devices and Simulators.

Ideas as to why I get no devices under iOS Debugging in Xojo?

More information here: https://forum.xojo.com/53124-xcode-10-2-and-xojo-2018-release-4

That’s weird - I searched for Xcode 10.2 here and got no hits. Thanks.