Xanadu 30% off for Cyber Monday!

We just dropped the price of Xanadu 30% for Cyber Monday which comes with a year of updates!


[i]Xanadu for Xojo + Aloe makes developing database driven Web Apps easy for software developers. FileMaker developers with coding experience will enjoy fast affordable app development again too!

If you’re not a developer, you can still enjoy Xanadu. Just let us know what you need and we’ll develop your app for your requirements, provide coaching so you can develop your own app, or just be available when you need a bit of help.

Xanadu now takes advantage of Xojo and Aloe by Tim Dietrich to build Web Apps that are wicked fast, use very little RAM, and can scale. Xojo Web Apps run and are hosted on Mac, Windows, Linux, or even Raspberry Pi computers. People access the Web App use their browser on just about any device.

Xanadu makes Web App development fast and fun again with its simple structure powered by Aloe and open standards along with Xojo’s amazing language.[/i]