X3 v0.2.0

The next version of the lightweight 3D graphics engine for Xojo, together with the X3 Viewer and X3 FileAssist supporting tools, is now available for download from GitHub.

v02.0 change history:

[Fix] Fixed bug where polygon normals weren’t normalized correctly when importing OBJ files.
[Fix] Fixed runtime error when converting OBJ files to X3M files on OSX.
[Enhancement] Xojo project files now saved in XML format.
[Enhancement] Merged X3IO module into X3Core module (only X3Core module now required in your projects).
[Enhancement] Removed all pragmas.
[Enhancement] Revised method names (using simpler naming conventions).
[Enhancement] Implemented extended methods as member methods of X3Model class.
[Enhancement] Removed all TODOs from code.

X3 can be downloaded from:

X3Core: https://github.com/alwyn1024/x3-core
X3 FileAssist: https://github.com/alwyn1024/x3-fileassist
X3 Viewer: https://github.com/alwyn1024/x3-viewer

Please note this version is intended for non-production environments. Work on v0.3.0 has already started.

Here are some screenshots of a 3D model rendered with X3:

You can view the model in 3D by downloading X3 Viewer, and opening the X3M model file.

Any support for anti aliasing?

Not yet, but I’ve just added a feature request for anti-aliasing to GitHub. You can follow the progress here:


Pascal Chiotasso is busy helping me refactoring the existing code, to make it more developer-friendly and readable. Once this refactoring process is completed, I’ll continue with new feature requests.

Please do post any other requests, ideas or suggestions for the engine here, or directly on GitHub. I’m working on this part-time so I’ll try my best to get to it as soon as possible.