X11 redirect of IDE fails after Xojo Splash progress completes

Hi Folks,

In reducing my home systems mess (from 6 to 2), I’m now running all of my Linux apps through X11 redirect to my macOS desktop using QuartzX and ssh over a VNC pipe. This works great for my normal Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and HP-UX work, but I’ve just discovered that the Xojo IDE will seem to launch and display the Splash/Loading Progress dialog successfully, but then exit with no error or message of any sort once the loading is completed.

Does anyone else use X11’s wonderful display redirection for Xojo work? Anyone have an idea what might be crushing the link?

Okay, it seems that opening the IDE 3 times is the charm. The first attempt reports framebuffer errors. The second opens the splash dialog and exits. The third finally opens with the full monty. The only issue is that if the uistate was less than full screen, you can’t resize the contents.

A step in the right direction.