WWDC predictions?

How good is your crystal ball?

Considering that seemingly more and more system calls use the iOS versions, I predict MacOS for ARM for consumer level Mac laptops running on ARM chips :wink:

What’s your prediction?

Yes, the WWDC event will occur, or so I predict

OS X 10.12?

The challenger of the Amazon Echo ?

I predict they will introduce stuff which is “Wonderful”, “Revolutionary”, “Fantastic”, “Extraordinary”, and that “Just Work” - how they always describe their products :slight_smile:

You forgot “extraordinary” and “revolutionary” :wink:

That half the world will update the second they release a new update & will bitch & moan 10 seconds after having done so

And available for preorder tomorrow and shipping in October.

More fancy colors:

White gold
Red gold
Pink gold
Green gold
Gray gold
Purple gold
Blue gold
Black gold
Blue gold

Colored Gold

One more thing!

Am I the only one who completely doesn’t understand what this thread is about ?
Anyway, I’m waiting for the magic application that completely develops itself. No worries about platforms or bugs, since these nasty things don’t exist in the ideal world.

Guys, sorry, but laaaaaaame.

There’s this theory that “group intelligence” can be higher than each “single intelligence”. The answers so far would argue against that theory … :stuck_out_tongue:

Swift 3.0

Apple Watch 2, iPadPro 2, appleTV 4, iOS X.

What I’d like: New MacBook Pros, New Thunderbolt displays, New MacMinis. OS X to not get a major version update, instead they continue bug fixing for another year.

They’re going to announce Bill Gates as the new CEO, in order to spur innovation.

I sure hope not, right now the last thing Apple needs to do is to put attention on a product which has an incredibly limited market capacity. The iPad Pro & the Apple Watch have both been a tremendous waste of resources, all subtracting energy away from their other products and gaining little to no return.

The Apple Watch does have the potential, if there was a reason, a purpose for it to exist. So far for smart watches, there’s no killer function.

The iPad Pro is a step in the right direction, but again most people really don’t see the benefit. iOS is not a professional orientated OS, apps for it are too limited. Instead I think they’d be better off creating a Surface Book competitor, where people can remove the screen and use a proper OS, with more sophisticated apps and the Apple Pencil.

The recent sales figures show that they need to invest in the Mac, sales have dropped as Apple have ignored their keystone market in favor of consumer orientation devices. As more people lose interest in the Mac, they lose interest in Apple’s other products, especially if they feel that Apple no longer cares about them. They then go onto to recommend other products to friends and family, who then spread the word and help to gradually eat away at Apple’s sales.

This is only my opinion. I’m probably the last person you’d want business advice from.

At a time when the PC market has been down 15% in 2015, it was a miracle that iMac sales actually grew during the same period.

Most of the hundred thousand iPhone users have never ever touched a Mac anyway, or cared for it. Let us face it, we are penguins standing on an ice cube.


As for the Echo killer, it is not a wish, but I would be surprised if Apple left Amazon and Google rip the kitchen and living room vocal assistant market without reacting. If you think about it, the potential market is a as big as the number of homes. The probable arrival of Siri on the Desktop probably prefigures larger use anyway.

Call me old; but the last thing I want or need is my home connected to the net.

I will probably never have an Echo like device in my home either. But it is a typical Millennial gizmo anyway.

You will probably never get one if you live outside the US!!!