Wrong result at Network.LookupDNSAddress

The method ‘Network.LookupDNSAddress’ returns an incorrect result with me.

dim s as string
MsgBox s

I always get back the IP address instead of the DNS name. But DNS works fine on my machines.

Can anyone confirm this?

Xojo 2014 R3.2
Xojo 2015 R1
MacOS X Moutain Lion
MacOS X Mavericks

Does that IP address actually point to anything in real life?

Edit: I’ve just checked it, and it points to a residential address. In that case you won’t get a fully qualified domain name back.

My code is just an example. All my attempts generally return only the Ip address.
For example: returns but should be ‘www.wikipedia.org

As just a data point, it works fine here under Windows.

On OS X 10.10.2 all I get back is the same IP address no matter which one I tried.

Same here, Xojo 2015r1, OS X 10.10.2, multiple IP addresses tried, only get IP address instead of reverse lookup.