Writing Web Code - Where to Start?

I’m wanting to write code that runs on a server, so that when I have a user who visits:


that the program that gets triggered to display the page (or return the results) is Xojo-created (even if that means it is home.exe or server.exe that receives the URL and parses it properly to know what to serve- in this example, the “home” text).

Right now, I am using another language in conjunction with Apache, but Xojo has benefits, so I want to try it out for this purpose.

Where do I start? Am I creating what would be called a “web app?” Or should it be a “console app?” I’m not wanting to create a UI that faces out on the web. I just want to create an API that the outside world can hit.

I’m going to keep Googling, but if you guys ‘n’ gals could point me in the right direction, I would be very thankful!

Have a look at the WebService-handlespecialurl example that’s included with the IDE.

Ah, “WebService.” Is that what it’s called, officially?

I’ll have a look. Thank you!

A “web app” would be a graphical program that runs in the web browser… If you are just looking at running a daemon that will process requests, through an API, I’m guessing that a “console app” or even a “desktop app” would be the way to go… I haven’t done anything like this, so just a guess based on the fact you can keep the console/desktop app running in the background and it would have to listen for incoming API requests…

If you have not done so already, Download Xojo from Xojo.com.

Click Web App and see how simple it is.

You may want to read “Introduction to Programming with Xojo”, you can download at http://xojo.com/learn/index.php

Hi, shao. That’s exactly what I’m wanting to do. Just provide a REST/API interface for some background/server-side functionality.

If you are going to use HTTP as the basis for your REST/API service then a web app is the way to go.

Here are some references that may help:


We’ve also got a series of videos demonstrating various web services with Xojo: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPoq910Q9jXiH5A32myqHwd1WLuUnBTuO