"write text" on the desktop/wallpaper

Is there any way to “write text” on the desktop/wallpaper? A kind of drawing dynamic information on it …
If not, then I could use a window and write text into that, but how to make that window always attached to the desktop (like the backmost [opposite to the frontmost] window) ?
Any idea?
Thanks !

Something like this:

Place an OverlayMBS at the right level.

See example

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This will always draw a window at the desktop level if you want to go that route.

self.NSWindowMBS.Level = -20

Thanks a lot to both.
Unfortunately I do not have the Monkeybread Extensions.
Any alternative ?

Not built-in, but you can do all of this with declares and plist entries.

This may help:

Thanks !
But when I try to open the “macoslib.xojo_project” everything crashes. I am not sure it is due to the versions of Xojo I am using (Xojo 2022 Release 2) or the system (12.6).

When you say everything crashes do you mean the IDE. Or are you talking about the example application crashing when run.

If it is the latter, there is currently a bug in the preferences module of macoslib that causes it to crash if it finds a preference file for the project and tries to read it. Deleting the preferences file allows the project to run, but it then re-creates the preference file. Meaning it will crash the next time, over and over.

macOSlib it’s self is a module which can be added to your own applications and used without this issue. Obviously the example project is pretty vital in demonstrating how to used it.

I think the file you have to delete to get the project to run is:


I did as suggested and still when I “run” the project it crashes, but the IDE survive.
I then went step-by-step and found that when during the initialisations it calls:

TestCocoa ' call this only after TestCoreFoundation because it relies on prefs settings from the former call!

At the last step (= TestCertTools) it crashes.
and within the “TestCertTools”, it crashes when arrives to
“dim p7 as Ptr = d2i_PKCS7_fp (fp, nil)”

If I inactivate the " TestCertTools", then everything else is OK, meaning I can “run” the “macoslib.xojo_project”