Write on Xojo.Core.Dictionary

hi all,

i’m trying write a value on a xojo.core.dictionary

example below doesn’t work, how create a Auto type with the sdk ?

write_dic(REALobject dic) // dic is xojo.core.dictionary
   REALobject (*fp)(REALobject,REALtext,REALtext) = NULL;

   fp = (REALobject (*)(REALobject,REALtext,REALtext))REALLoadObjectMethod(dic,"Value(key As Auto, Assigns newValue As Auto)");
   REALtext a,b;

   a = REALBuildText("mykey",5,"MacRoman");
   b = REALBuildText("myval",5,"MacRoman");

   if (fp != nil)

Maybe this: the function pointer should not be defined to return a REALObject.

Well, I don’t think the Plugin SDK exposes auto functions.
So you can’t create an auto value.

He doesn’t.

As we have a function REALNewVariantText, I assume text is not an object.
If you call a function returning an auto object, you will notice that it is not a regular pointer as far as I remember.

I also made a request for auto data type.

Auto is not a data type. As far as I understand it you just use REALobject.

If you declare a plugin function with parameter “x as auto”, you get something, but you will notice it may not work with REALLockObject.

Just noticed that too while playing around with Auto in a test plugin.

Please add yourself to case 45158.

oh, there is one already: 37330

Auto is a data type and it’s definitely not a REALobject. Treating it as such might appear to work some of the time, but it’s not actually a REALobject and you will get crashes.