Write a date, out in letters

Hi everybody

I am looking for «how to write out in full a date» with XOJO…

Indeed, for a new application, I need to print the dates formatted in letters.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

Not sure quite what you mean ?

Can you give us more information about what you mean by printing the date formatted in letters, please?

Do you mean something like

dim d as new date Label1.text=d.LongDate


I want a date to be written like «7, april two thousand and fourteen»

Hi Sbastien,

You can check here:

There is a JavaScript function that convert numbers to words. You can get it ( toword.js from the text area ) and quite easily port it to Xojo.


Thanks for your answer, that confirms me that no function currently exists in XOJO.

I’m gonna check this JS function.