WOW.... this is the most unintuitive Forum

Software I have ever seen in my life.
Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post anything…
It is hard to read the screen (the font/color combo is terrible)…
All of the topic areas mixxed together (not segregated like before)
Have to joing TWO other websites (Gravatar and Wordpress) just to add an avatar? seriously (no avatar for me then)

Haven’t fired up the New Xojo… hope that is not as disappointing

(And yeah… I don’t even know WHERE this is going to be posted)…

I was a major contributor on the other forum,… I hope that either I get over this “change”… or things improve…
I would hate for this forum software to contribute to my reduction in contributions

Just click on any of the categories next to the button labeled “All Channel” to just see threads of a single category.

Just because something is new and one is not used to it, it isn’t necessarily bad.

Interesting how different people view things differently.

I hated the other forums - I never used them as a consequence. To my eyes they look dated, SOOOO much clicking to jump around the different forums.

Within minutes of using these forums I found these to be really nice on the eye and hyper-intuitive. I see these forums as a huge improvement.

Yeah, we started using Gravatar before they required a Wordpress account. They originally ran it themselves. The entry barrier to Gravatar is very high now, so we’ll probably accelerate our timetables to bringing avatars in-house.

It is growing on me. The initial channel subscription was a bit annoying and it wasn’t immediately apparent how to change that, I thought the 3 lines was to reorder something as that is a common icon for reordering. Once I got past that, things seem pretty nice, except the lack of ability to edit.

It’s growing on me and I’ve only used it for 30 minutes. I like it. Must agree with the Avatar thing, a bit convoluted so if this could be brought in-house that would be better. The avatar thing though is only a minor point in the scheme of things.

Yeah, we always intended to bring it in-house, but implemented Gravatar because it is very fast to implement. Between implementation and launch, they made life more complicated. Had it been that way before implementation, we likely would never had used it.

I like the new esotalk forum :slight_smile:

good or bad is a matter of perception…

sometimes change is good… to one person and bad to another.

Xojo is off to a rocky start for me so far this morning.
I took my current project, and Xojo won’t compile it as it requires a “Bundle ID”… sure… ok… BUT WHERE? I cannot even find the basic Application Properites page!

Take a look at the Build Settings at the bottom of the Navigator.

The common settings are under shared and the platform specific ones are under the relevant platform.

Posted the steps here…

At the bottom of the Navigator, under Build Settings → OS X.

I thought it was supposed to prompt you for the bundle id when opening an old project, but I guess not.

It didn’t prompt me at all either when I opened an old project FWIW.

#0 Took me an hour to log on and now I don’t know why it’s working…
For a change, I’m a paying customer. It’s rare when it comes to Internet Forums!
Oh, well. I hope it will be better later.

Agreed. This trend of grey text is annoying. I’m only 50 but reading grey text on white (or worse another grey) background is very straining on my eyes.

Reader in Safari saved the day for most blogs, but it can’t help with forums.

I agree with the initial post about the forum… It is confusing and the text/background color combo can be difficult to read.
It’s much more efficient to view discussions by category rather than by posting date, especially since the posting subject, while clear in the composer’s mind, may make little sense to anyone else. Granted, the forum topics (channels) are along the top of the screen, but their visual importance is overshadowed by the bigger heavier subject fonts.
I won’t bother with an avatar because of the process (create a new account just for a picture?).

[quote=10296:@Jerry Mahun]I won’t bother with an avatar because of the process (create a new account just for a picture?).

The benefit is that it humanizes you to have a good icon here. That will get you better interaction and actions from other humans here.

Forum is esotalk not a Xojo developed platform. There will be teething issues.

link text

Toby has worked very hard on EsoTalk and Gravitar appears all over the net. I didn’t like the forum at first but it’s changed a lot in the last few months and is fast and intuitive once you get the hang of it; plus it’s mobile device friendly. Newness is always difficult to absorb, but this is a great leap forward for Xojo, Inc. .

@Matthew That doesn’t excuse the bad choice of colors, though. Grey is harder to read, yet it’s been made by choice. That’s not about liking or not, it’s about basic (bad) usability, just for “looks”.