Would you advise a student, a professional software developer, or a hobbyist programmer to buy a renewed-refurbished MacBook Pro?

I’ve always wanted a brand-new MacBook Pro, but a close uncle recently informed me that he would like to get a refurbished-renewed one to use with his home audio system. The new ones, he added, are overpriced and not worth as much. Additionally, he has been a Windows PC user for nearly 13 years. I’m not sure how excellent the refurbished-renewed MacBook Pros are.

Any advice?

My experience with refurbs is pretty old, but in 2010 I bought a two (I think) year old MBP from Apple and it was my daily driver for about four years. At the time you could upgrade parts, so I maxed the RAM for nearly nothing and put in a bigger HDD. The only issue I had up until the screen went out was the battery, which I replaced twice. For what I paid, I was definitely pleased with the amount of time it lasted. Once the screen died, I went to Windows for a bit then bought a new Mac.

What was the cost of the refurb MBP?

I would absolutely agree with this statement, and also add, that over the last decade, I’ve bought almost half a dozen refurb machines.

With the last purchase I made, the refurb machine was in better state than the last brand new Mac I bought from Apple (which I had to return due to problems, first time in 26 years of buying Macs).

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I think with taxes and shipping, plus upgrade parts, I came in just under $1000, but it was a long time ago so I could be wrong.

Any M1/M2 computer is capable of running larger Xojo projects. I wouldn’t want to work on my Air all day but for testing it’s really good.

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Well, a M1 Macbook, which you can get with a discount below $1000, is faster than any of the Intel MacBooks before, especially those a few years older.

Sure, you may find a refurbished older 15" Macbook Pro and with a new battery for that money, too.

But I would suggest to use the M1, attach some display and keyboard and use it for development at home.


In France:
I saw MacBook Air for 951€ for quite sopmetimes (the one with 256GB SSD)…

And I saw old Intel for €800 or more and they are > 3-5 years old.

So, look carefully… the good advice is to buy from the Apple Refurbished web site…

As always, compare.

For the size of the internal SSD and RAM:
I took a MacBook Pro m1 with 512GB SSD and use an external 1TB SSD, but only RAM: 8GB.
It’s OK with the SSD, but the RAM… not enough. If you can, get a machine with 16GB…

Mac hardware pretty much never dies. So buying used/refurbished is usually a good deal.

For hobbyist, a used Macbook can do wonders. They come under $400 on Amazon.

For developer, however, an M1 is required to have the same as buyers.

I am cursed…:sob:

Don’t worry, I know a lot of people cursed by Apple, including myself. Never had an exploding battery PC laptop with a screen getting internally stained, but I had a Mac Pro with “retina” screen able to do it after 4 years of use. But I had good experiences when Jobs were alive. Maybe he is haunting Apple now? :smile:

I have a MacBook 2015 which never dies, and works like when just out of the box.

But perhaps a Mac Pro is much more demanding on the hardware, hence the exploding battery ?

I had Macbook Pros before my 2014 model (Steve died in 2011, 3 years before it) and those models worked until I retired them. So the Jobs haunting conspiracy theory still fits. :smile:

Since the last 16 years, my MacBook Pro were changed every three years because of the Battery, the TouchPad, and I forgot.

The last Intel one dates from 2014-12-24 (!) and its Monitor does no more display images (it does not seems to be crashed). The internal battery size grew to interact with the keyboard (many characters have troubles:i, o, t, e…)
I use it with external screens (TV).

I take a m1 on then end of February last year and I use it every day since…
That m1 does not understand (see ?) my external Monitor, nor my printer (I wanted to scan a document…). The hud (7 in 1 I think) works fine (I tested it where I buy it)…

Cursed, I told you… I just fall in the floor (while walking) and I do not even know why… I saw no water there (inside the house)…

Every Mac I’ve purchased until the M1 family came out was an refurb directly from Apple. Never had a problem with any of them and I’ll buy again that way in the future. I don’t have any experience with third-party refurbishers.

The only reason my two ARM-based Macs are not refurbs is because I couldn’t wait for Apple to have a supply due to my need to support customers.

When I buy Windows systems, I do the same thing. I’ll pick up refurbished business-class systems from the manufacturer.

My 2018 MBP went through 2 or 3 warranty replacements in its first year or two due to keyboard issues, but I think they’ve sorted that out as it (knock on wood) rarely has a problem these days and when it does, it heals itself.

I would invite anyone looking at a refurbished Mac system to visit New and Used Macs at Macsales.com (Other World Computing) and look at what we have to offer. All used systems go through a full refurbishment process by Apple-trained tech (old school) and come with a 90 warranty by default (extended warranties are available also). Most pre-M1 systems can also be upgraded at the time of order, so there are many options. We also offer New Old Stock (NOS) Mac systems that are brand new from Apple and come with their full Apple warranty and support.

Disclaimer - I have no visibility or responsibility for that portion of the OWC organization and offer this info as an option for refurbished Mac systems.

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Like you, I have a 2015 MBP as my workhorse but the battery is complaining and the replacement price is ridiculous.
An M1 Air is probably the best option right now, unless you can find a great condition 2015 MBP at a good price.

Mac hardware is always rendered obsolete, and if the internals go bink, they are more like disposables than repairables.

(anyone need any old iPads ? Im using a few as dust collectors right now)

7 years for a MacBook is not bad, really.

Perhaps its time to look for a more recent machine ?

I bought an M2 air. Nice, but honestly failing to see any significant improvement over the 2015 machine .