Would like to see Xojo address Ubuntu Touch interface

I have opened a case (32424 <https://xojo.com/issue/32424>) with the following description.

While I am fully aware that the GF@X (Good Folks @ Xojo) have a great deal on their plates, hopefully I have also opened a good dialog on this case. Please join case <https://xojo.com/issue/32424> if you are so inclined.

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I’m all for it. AFTER iOS support.

Gary - which specific features are you thinking of? I’ve already gotten a lot of my tools working with Windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro and a Lenovo convertible just by going to “BBS” (big button syndrome). I don’t have a touch-enabled Linux device, so can’t test specifically, but I suspect the same design paradigm will work there.

My suspicion is that you mean more than just scrolling and pushing buttons. Am I right? If you mean multi-touch and Ubuntu’s custom desktop API, that’s a bag o’ worms just waiting to explode and make a mess.

Hi Tim. I think BBS may be what I want to do. I’m not sure what’s (going to be) available in the API’s, but it might be nice to use their method of picking dates, times, etc., in the same way that Xojo uses native API’s on stuff already. How much different the API’s are in the Touch environment, I don’t know. Haven’t gotten hold of a touch product yet and tried it.

If you really want support for this persuade others to vote for it

I thought I was doing that here, Norman. Any suggestions on how to get folks to rally round the case?

How many Ubuntu touch devices are there ?

Thats a good question
A forums post certainly helps raise the profile
Given how our user base is divided up between Mac Windows Linux I would not get my expectations too high but big buttons certainly can work for a lot of things

We’re currently not being flooded with them, but there are some upsides and I’ll give you some links.

One of the big ones is that the Ubuntu (Canonical) folks are not putting a lite version on their devices. It’s the full Ubuntu experience in phone or tablet size. They’re hoping that folks will take their phones home or to work, plug them into a dock, and use them for their full PC. They’ve just finished the developers editions for phone and tablet. Phone & Tablet They’ve got developer tools out there as well.

In this review , the reviewer put Ubuntu Touch “1.0” on his first-generation Nexus 7 tablet and was fairly impressed. c|net has a video review from Barcelona, and he seems to like it too. There’s even a little movie. .

As to current manufacturers, I’m sure a lot of that is going to depend upon who starts making software for it. That seems to be the deciding factor in most of this. But I’m optimistic. If we can put it on something as inexpensive as a Nexus, and with the OS priced nearly free or cheaper, it could go.

Many of the Linux folks I have met loved it because they wanted to kill Bill Gates and/or see Cupertino drop into a giant sink hole. I think there’s a new audience out there that’s really willing to pay for good software for Linux, Xojo already supports it, and we just (I know… I’m a developer, too) need to adapt to the Touch part.

The reality is that the whole thing has made me green with envy!

So… talk amongst yourselves!

[quote=69126:@Gary McGuire]
Many of the Linux folks I have met loved it because they wanted to kill Bill Gates and/or see Cupertino drop into a giant sink hole. [/quote]
Lots of Linux folks (desktop & otherwise) have felt that way for many many years and the year of the linux desktop has come & gone & come again … and gone again
OS X & Windows are still easier for a lot of tasks that linux still requires me to mess around with the cmd line for

And with the huge volumes of iOS & Android devices being sold into the market Ubuntu has a tough road to slog to get noticed - never mind in any volume

But … thats just my 2 cents (well… 1.74 cents US)

I know whereof your speak, Norman. One impressive thing is that Canonical was able to drum-up US$12.8M in 30 days for a Kickstarter campaign that was looking for $32M to build, what I would guess, is one bangin’ phone. this guy felt that there still may be folks interested out there.

As to your 2 cents, I will accept any cash offered. I keep checking the Euro/Dollar exchange. It’s sticking ~ $1.37 and I’m not happy. I’m about to buy $1.5M in beer equipment. If our European friends could drum up something to make everyone afraid of the Euro, I’ll give you a free beer or two when you come to our place. Don’t need it to last long. Just while I’m writing checks!

Thats probably more of a publicity thing than anything as Shuttleworth could probably have funded the $32M all on his own :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Does he need a hanging-around friend? But I do understand the publicity thing.

That’s right; rub it in!

My 2 cents is only worth 1.805 cents US - not sure how thats rubbing anything in :slight_smile:
If it is you can have our “balmy hot weather” too (it’s a nice -20C today)

That may be, but the last time I had the pleasure of being in your country, it was worth about 1.50 cents US. Of course, the fact that we both use dollars and cents does a disservice since the real issue is what it costs to actually live and what folks earn, not what our respective dollars are worth.

As to the weather, I thought you lived where you do because you ENJOY the weather. I know I do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

History - can trace this back to 1650 ish - couple of crazy frenchmen came over to trap furs or something & stayed
Grandfather had the audacity to hop & train & head west in about 1920 something and we’ve been here ever since

Good (or bad) luck on location of birth - depending on your perspective :slight_smile:

Family - if you live in western canada with the same last name you’re related (although that happens to be true for most of north america I’m finding)

Wife - gawd love her but she won’t move now that we have grandkids and her last remaining sibling(sister) is still here

Me - I’d be on a sandy beach in some place warm in a heart beat. I liked The Domincan Republic, Costa Rica & Tobago
Wasn’t too crazy about Nicaragua but that was way back when they still had a war going on

We tolerate the weather - esp this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll say your avatar testifies to that :wink: