World Champions!

Congrats to the German Team!

My dream come true :slight_smile:

And congratulations to Argentina too - they played very very well and could have won too but didn’t take their chances.

True - I thought they were going to win at the beginning!

Wait… you mean North Korea didn’t win?

Way to go Germany!

So this long drawn out baseball tournament is finally over???

Thank Goodness…

Possibly the only sport where the smallest player can win it. And what skill …!

I hope you all enjoyed it. For us we saw it with something like 1000+ people and that was a big party :slight_smile:

Congrats from past winner to new winner!
Germany played much better than rest of teams. You deserve to be word champions. Wow 4 Stars, same as Italy!

As Messi has demonstrated many times.
Germany have been excellent throughout the tournament.
Hard to argue against a side that disposes of both Brazil and Argentina in the same tournament, let alone in S. America.

Germany was simple the best team and it was very nice to see that the golden generation of players finally got a World Cup!

Messi was not the best player in the tournament but is the best cash cow for Adidas. Adidas was the head sponsor and it was Adidas that also selected the best player and the best goal keeper. Argentina and Germany are both sponsored by Adidas. Neuer was selected as the best goal keeper.

In other words, yet an amazing marketing trick!!

The only non-Adidas price was the best young player which Pobga (France) won. Nike sponsor France.

Personally I feel sorry for the Brazilian people, the giant investments to host the World Cup instead of investments in public school, public health care, infrastructure. Now World Cup, no money to invest…

Well, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the new stadiums.

I’m happy for German people.

Just curious because of discussion about French people on another thread :
Many years ago, I don’t remember which competition, Italy beat France (football) and we were eating at a restaurant. Many cars with guys laughing were passing with Italian flag. Slightly mocking but they were happy. Not any problem.
This was the same some days ago with Germans.
I always saw foreign flag flying in France when the country won. And without any problem.

Algerian did the same some days ago too, but this time there was trouble as cops intervened as they fire cars etc.

Do you see foreign flag when other country win? Are there troubles ?

of course we see foreign flags :slight_smile:

Ah :slight_smile: . I don’t know if I would go out with a French flag i was in a foreign country when France won. Fortiori if French beat this country.
I would be afraid of having trouble, and I’m not sure it’s relevant. But it’s a good things that people can do it.

“can do it”, it make me think about what say Dennis Wallentin. I read that newspapers wanted to put front, when they take picture of a team, not the smaller (and higher guys behind) but the players who were sposorised by Nike, or Adidas, Puma, etc.

Yes, people of all nationalities express their happiness with flags and it’s a welcome celebration.

still do not understand all this hoopla over a basketball game (or whatever)

It’s like cricket, just that instead of throwing a ball, it’s all about kicking legs, biting opponents and collecting colorful cards that a priest with a bagpipe awards. We tried in Spain to throw some bulls but the priest didn’t like it that much… so we adopted the British version :stuck_out_tongue: