Workspace management

It happend again this morning: I start Xojo and open a project and it opens only one workspace. I had arranged a second one, which has been reliable available for weeks. But today, it is gone.

I’m seeing this for years now. There is no workspace management in the IDE of Xojo and you always risk to lose the working environment, put up for a project.

I wonder if we ever will see this in the IDE:

  • ability to name and save workspaces
  • ability to open and close named workspaces

A long standing feature request:

BTW: My understanding of ‘workspace’ would be: One (1) IDE window, with all its open tabs, window size and position.
So each time one selects ‘New Workspace’ from the File menu, one could give a name to this newly opened IDE window and save, close or open it.

So ‘saving the workspace’ would not relate to all opened IDE windows, but to the one which is in front, the one I am working with.

Photoshop does this very thing quite well. You can have many named and saved workspaces that use multiple screens, windows, toolboxes and various panels. I have one saved for my desktop 2-monitor system and another one for my laptop. Works great

I added my thoughts to the FR. But, keep in mind that the .xojo_uistate saved with the project is supposed to be reset when you load a project.