Workspace is gone: need better ws handling

During the last couple of days I was working in a specific area of my project and I had created a new workspace for it, having opened some classes in new tabs.

This morning, when I re-opened the project, the new workspace was gone. It just opened one workspace, the original standard one I always use.

What may have caused this behaviour is that today I accidentally opened it with Xojo 2017r2 and then received a message: This project was saved with newer version of Xojo. I closed the project and Xojo and re-opened it with the latest Beta version (2.1b6). I did not save anything, but the workspace has been lost.

Once again I get frustrated about the missing workspace management. If only I could save, close and restore workspaces!

Right now it appears to work randomly. And anyway, I don’t need all the possible workspaces I might create, to be open all the time.

I wished there was a menu with a list of named and saved workspaces, similar to a recent file list.

It is a long standing wish: