working xojo mac app -> no menu no window under win7

Hi folks,

I have a working mac app, with multiple document interface.
when I compile under windows, I check the MDI button (or should I not ? but it’s the same result)
I have no window and no menubar under win7
I tried 32 and 64bits compiles - same result
any idea ? what did I miss ?

Whats the setting for App.DefaultWindow in the IDE ?

no default window as I open documents from the open menu ?

I managed to have an open window, by dragging a document on the application icon, it opened it
but I still dont have any menubar …

Do you have a MenuBar specified on your Windows? See the Window.MenuBar property in Inspector.

that was it, Paul. thanks.
now I have to add a menubar to all my windows under windows…

by the way, the flicking under windows is terrible !
and I don’t have my background MDI window ? so the MDI option is useless ?