Working with photographs

What I’m doing is:
• check folder for incoming photographs
YES, via FolderItem.

• convert to jpg if necessary
You would load the image file into a Xojo Picture which would allow you to manipulate it and export the result as a JPEG once finished.

• resize/crop
Yes, via DrawPicture.

• add overlay image (which is a frame)
Yes, you would have your overlay image in another Xojo Picture and draw that on top of the main picture.

• add logo
As above.

• add qrcode to find the picture online.
As long as you can create the qrcode image then you can composite it onto the main picture.

Here are the areas which I can immediately think of that might cause you problems:
1.Compared to ImageMagick, Xojo only supports a small number of image formats.

2.Xojo only supports the RGB colour space so any grayscale / CMYK images would be converted to RGB.

3.There is a high chance that the photograph image file will contain an ICC Profile. When Xojo loads the file into the Picture object it will convert the pixels using the ICC profile to the Xojo working colour space (which is a lossy transformation). When you export the image as a JPEG you also won’t have the ability to specify the ICC profile which means anything that reads the output file afterwards might misinterpret the data.

The reason why I mentioned the MBS / Einhuger plugins is that with additional work, you can avoid most, if not all of the above issues. However, you do need to more technical understanding of image processing / file formats and it can be a lot of work to do it correctly.

If you want to keep it simple, I suggest you continue with ImageMagick. It is also worth noting that the MBS plugins include a GraphicsMagick plugin which, I think, would allow you to use GraphicsMagick without having to deploy the command line tools.